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Honor Your Family With A Simple Estate Plan

By Angela Moore, CFP® of Modern Money Advisor

Estate planning is for the unselfish. Yeah, I said it!

The first time I ever experienced it, I was a finance director at a car dealership, and I was sitting across the desk from a woman in her mid-50s to early 60s. We were in a cold grey office and I could tell she was tired, exhausted and frail. She seemed to be so uncomfortable being at the dealership. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. It’s like walking through a flood of predatory salesmen waiting to devour you. I get it! I was happy that she had landed in my office because, out of everyone there, I knew I had the patience and gentleness to help her and make her feel more comfortable. I was probably about 25 years old then. Her husband had passed away and she was trying to find out who their car was financed through. She cried to me and told me of her husband’s sudden passing. I tried to console her and it was a super uncomfortable situation to be in. I...

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