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Going Green to Save Green


While financial planning and environmentalism may not appear to have much in common, both focus on making the most of limited resources by reducing excess consumption, efficiently utilizing available assets, and recycling waste. These guidelines are not only good for the planet, they are also good for your wallet. Check out these 6 ideas to help you save green by going green:

1. Eliminate Food Waste

Food waste has a huge impact on the environment and on your budget. To reduce waste, plan and prep meals ahead of time and buy only what you need for that week, and bring your reusable produce bags.

If you have leftovers, store them in Beeswrap and bring them for lunch the next day. Compost any remaining leftovers and scraps.

The Mealime application (iOS and Google Play Store) is a great companion. The app creates a shopping list, making it super easy to shop. Just try to plan around what’s currently in season.

2. Combine Trips

Plan your errands for the upcoming week...

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