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I have worked with Angela in various capacities and she has been a God-sent. She is professional, thorough, effective and most importantly, she is caring. What sets Angela apart is how she treats you as an individual rather than a set of budgets and forecasts. She helps you identify your goals and holds you accountable on your path to achieving those goals. She is not only my personal advisor/planner, but I recommend her to my clients as well. That is how much I trust her and her work ethics.
-Lydia C. Desnoyers, CPA, CFE
Desnoyers CPA, LLC
When I came to Angela, I was devastated from the loss of my father who left me an inherited 401k. I didn't know what questions to ask, I didn't know or understand my investment options, but I was clear on my financial goals. Angela was patient with me, and she devised training to meet me where I was to help me understand the financial portfolio my father had carefully put together over the years. Immediately I felt like I could trust her to manage finances because she took the time to understand my fears and desire without shoving recommendations down my throat. When she moved from one firm to the other, I followed her because she made learning about the stock market fun. Hands down Angela is relatable, responsible, and caring. I am looking forward to watching her educate and empower those who desire to manage and grow their financial portfolios with ease.
Wendy Nicole Anderson
Business Consultant
I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela since August of 2008. When we met, I was working for Merrill Lynch and I was recruiting for a financial advisor program. I was immediately impressed with Angela' professional credentials, education, and more importantly, her confident presence. It was obvious she would be a great candidate for the program, and as it turned out, she was! Angela successfully navigated the process and accomplished all of the necessary goals. She created a great name for herself which ultimately led to new opportunities. During her time in Atlanta, Angela never missed an opportunity to accept my invitation to Spelman College, and teach our students the importance of budgeting, saving and investing. All of Angela' workshops were highly rated by students, and my colleagues. Angela' passion and dedication toward providing sound, meaningful advice, is taking her to new a endeavor, and I am convinced she will assist many existing and new clients in realizing their financial dreams.
Keith A. Webb
Director, Cooperative Education & Special Programs
Spelman College, Division of Enrollment Management
Mrs. Moore is a financial coach who goes beyond presentations and spreadsheets.  Yes, we need tangible handouts as part of any good presentation, but Mrs. Moore does more.  She presented before our teen group in 2011.  As part of a summer teen leadership institute, the teens requested her to return in 2012. She has a rare insight on the stock market and how activity can impact family and individual planning.  Overarching her presentation skills and style, she also donates to good causes.  Mrs. Moore has financially supported our teen activities since we met in 2011.  However, overarching her intellectual capital and financial donations, Mrs. Moore PARTICIPATES with young people.  Now that's how one really makes an impression!  Our teens traveled to New Orleans for a service learning project and Mrs. Moore--then Ms. Cochran--got right on the bus with our teens.  We volunteered in a urban garden designed to tackle the food desert it was surrounded by in the Lower Ninth Ward.  Mrs. Moore interacted with the young people, girls and boys alike, and served as a wonderful role model for the teens.  She has supported the teens with travel to Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and New York City, NY.  We are headed to Boston in June 2016.  So, in essence, Mrs. Moore is a "triple-threat": financial planner, philanthropist and super-volunteer.  I would highly recommend her services as someone who has knowledge of both finances and community.  See for yourself: The Aftermath: Serving in a Post Katrina New Orleans
-Mike F. Weaver, DrPH
Assistant Professor
Temple University
Where do I begin….I will say that I have known Angela for over 13 years and she has always been a sound voice of reason and an trusted advisor to both my personal and professional endeavors.  She is who I attribute with fundamentally changing the way I view finances. She has always represented that perfect marriage of tough, uncensored advice with a caring and understanding undertone. What I most appreciated in working with Angela is the time she takes to understand my lifestyle and goals, as opposed to lumping me into a cookie cutter box that I have experienced with other firms. She is also someone that I have referred to my circle of influence and they have also been exceeding impressed as well. Trusting someone with your financial future is scary, but I am most grateful that I have found someone who I trust  with not only myself but with my family.
-Kara C. Sax
Chief Executive Officer
Sax Inc.

We're credentialed, experienced money coaches helping you make boss money moves. Angela and Arielle are Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping women just like you overcome barriers to secure their financial futures.


Natasha is a Master Educator and podcast host of a financial empowerment show ranked in the top 10% most popular shows globally.


We are a team dedicated to providing you with the "no-fluff", straight-forward solutions you need so you can spend less time worrying about money and more time living your best life.


We know you're busy, and you need simple solutions to complex issues. That's why when you work with us, we give you a step-by-step, clear, proven path to success all in an easy to implement way.


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  • Having a hard time sticking to a budget or having no budget at all

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  • Additional videos and other resources that you can utilize including

    • Our Budgeting template

    • Our Guide to Credit Reports explaining how to read your correct report, how to address incorrect or negative items, and how to establish or re-build credit

    • Our detailed student loan repayment options

    • Our Homebuying Guide that walks you through the steps from start to finish for purchasing a home

    • Our mini-course on Employer Benefits

    • Our Estate Planning Guide, which details FAQs about estate planning and essential estate planning documents

    • Our Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance


  • Access to our Money Breakthrough Mastermind Course is included with your coaching package 

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