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How to Secure the
Bag in 15 Days

A step-by-step guide to maximize savings. 


We're giving you 15 days of easy, yet impactful, changes you can start making in your daily spending habits right away.

We're also throwing in a budget template made by finance professionals for easy financial planning. All for FREE. 

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Are you ready to start making moves towards a better financial future? 

The Secure the Bag Course was everything I didn't know I needed until I started. I followed the prompts every day. I learned to watch my spending habits and even how to increase my monthly income. ... Thank you again for this invaluable course that pays for itself. It was the perfect first for 2020 money management. 

I really enjoyed the email course. I liked how each email didn’t have too much content and was easy to digest - Quality over quantity. I’ve now written a list of realistic and specific financial goals which I’m excited to work towards.



Financial planning can seem like a lot of work. And honestly, it's a bit stressful to understand where to start. We've worked hard to break down the effort into simple steps, so you can secure your bag at your own pace. 


Bonus: The Modern Money Monthly Budget

Whether it's planning for your weekly groceries or a vacation you want to take, we want you to feel confident about every dollar you spend. Our budget planner will help you visualize how you're currently spending - and how you can free up some of that "treat yourself" money. 

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Hi, We're Angela Moore and Arielle Minicozzi.


As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we've dedicated our careers to helping people overcome barriers towards a more secure future. 

But we also know that the world is a lot more complicated than it used to be. And what people need today are "no-fluff" and straight forward solutions to their finances so they can spend less time thinking about their future and more time living in it. 

Our mission is to:

  • Provide one-on-one advice that's actionable and leads to a debt-free life.  
  • Guide people towards financial freedom. 
  • Transform the mindset towards money into being less cautionary and more proactive. 
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Why We're doing This...

We want to help women from all walks of life build a strong financial foundation, one focused on aggressively eliminating debt and accumulating wealth. Our passion is empowering and educating young professionals to be financially self-sufficient so they can pay it forward, just as we strongly believe in our responsibility to do so.

Modern Money Education was built to reflect these values, and we live them every day through our personal lives and in our work with our clients. We believe we offer something truly unique to those women who want to change their money mindset and live their best financial lives.

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  • We deliver effective and actionable tips right to your inbox. 
  • You make small but game-changing adjustments to your financial habits. 
  • Your savings account starts growing in just two weeks. 

How to Secure the Bag in 15 Days

In just two weeks, we'll give you simple, but effective tools to increase your savings. Best of all, it's FREE!