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Money Breakthrough Mastermind


Surround yourself with a small group of women who are focused on improving their financial situation in this live 4-week Money Mastermind class.

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Do you struggle with money despite knowing better?

As of April 2020, 38 Million Americans live paycheck to paycheck (meaning they spend every penny they earn) despite their earning level! 28% of US adults say they cannot pay some of their bills or can only make partial payment on them in a typical month, while another 32% say they won’t be able to pay their bills this month!


More than three-in-ten Americans say they worry every day or almost every day about being able to save enough money for their retirement, paying their bills, the amount of debt they have, and the cost of health care for themselves and their family. 


In 2019, 28% of people encountered a financial emergency averaging $3500, yet 57% of U.S. adults have less than $1,000 savings. 40% have less than $500 saved and 28% of Americans have $0 saved!


You don't have to be one of them!

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Hi, We're Angela Moore and Arielle Minicozzi.


As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we've dedicated our careers to helping people overcome barriers towards a more secure future. 

But we also know that the world is a lot more complicated than it used to be. And what people need today are "no-fluff" and straight forward solutions to their finances so they can spend less time thinking about their future and more time living in it. 

Our mission is to:

  • Provide one-on-one education that's actionable and leads to a debt-free life.  
  • Guide people towards financial freedom. 
  • Transform the mindset towards money into being less cautionary and more proactive. 
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The Money Breakthrough Mastermind

A 4-week course designed to help women take control of their finances and secure their future - no matter what comes their way. 

From day-to-day budgeting to retirement and estate planning, this course contains the environment and tools necessary for participants to have a healthier relationship with money and a financial game-plan in place. 


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Surveys show that nearly 40% of all women feel overwhelmed when thinking about their finances, even if they looked like they were doing just fine to the rest of the world.

Achieving financial security seems hard, but it doesn't have to be. Taught by a group of Millennial women who've built their personal and professional lives by themselves - all while learning tough financial lessons in the process. Sign up for the Money Mastermind course today.


The Money Breakthrough Mastermind Course Structure:

This Mastermind was designed with the intention of creating a fun, authentic, vulnerable and relaxed environment to exact financial wisdom and change in your life.


  • Understand your "Money Mindset" - What's your relationship with money?
  • Create a budget - one that actually works!


  • Tackle debt - Find out why people go into debt and create a debit elimination strategy. 
  • Check your credit - Learn to review your credit report and spot any and all abnormalities.  


  • Get into Estate Planning - What is it and why is it important for you to think about now? 
  • Prepare for your future - Plan for talking to loved ones about money and preparing for emergencies. 


  • Set your goals -  Set achievable yet impactful goals that'll help you get to where you want to be. 
  • Envision your future - use vision boards and other mindset tools to help you keep going throughout your financial planning journey. 
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I value my independence and being self-sufficient. I want to create a roadmap for my money so I always know I have enough for today and tomorrow.

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A Judgment-Free,  Empowering Community of Accountability Partners.

Surround yourself with a small group of women who are focused on improving their financial situation in this live 4-week Money Mastermind class.


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